Prepare for Launch!

This internet meme is a serious flashback to me on my bike in 1978 – launching from a wood plank and brick ramp with no helmet or any other PPE – just visions in my head of Neil and Buzz on the moon and/or Luke Skywalker in his X Wing fighter…followed by speed and gravity…followed by an abrupt impact with the ground/bike/tree…followed by a whole bunch of pain, bleeding, cursing…followed by all the scabs and bruises…

I honestly have no idea how I never broke a bone or have any serious scars to show for all the bicycle, horseback riding, jungle gym, treehouse building, rope swing, related accidents I encountered over all the years of growing up.

Was I doing it for the “chicks” – no. I was 10. I just wanted to be like Luke Skywalker and my other heroes.

Did I do it again? – of course I did.

Would I go back and do it all again if I could – oh yes!!


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