We are working with animals


Anyone who has ever kept or worked with animals or livestock knows this rule: when an animal gets sick you pull it from the herd, quarantine it alone, in its cage, stall, paddock, in its home – away from the other members of the family/herd. You do this as directed and often as required by law, by the animal health and disease experts so as not to put your, and other, healthy animals at risk. You then treat the sick animal, as directed by the experts, with medicines, fluids, special diets, vaccinations, and isolation until it recovers.

If a neighboring population of animals is stricken with a disease, you quarantine the entire sick population in one location, in their cages, stalls, paddocks, in their homes.
You also quarantine the healthy populations in another location away from the sick population for a time period as set by the animal health and disease experts so as not to put your healthy animal populations at risk of cross-contamination from the sick.


No matter how much barking, braying, bleating, noise, and other raucous vocalizations, and displays of self-centered malcontent some of the quarantined animals may make in their request to rejoin the rest of the herd/pack/family/population…


angryprotestorscovid19…you do not under any circumstances give in and mix the sick with the healthy because your experience and common sense and the recommendations from the experts tell you doing so will cause even more sickness, death, and loss.


Once the animals have recovered you then have an expert in animal health that we call a veterinarian (who is a doctor) give the animal(s) a health check and if all checks out, the recovered animal(s) can then be released back into the herd to go on with their business.


We are animals.

We are the herd.

We must listen to the experts.

No matter how uncomfortable and inconvenient it may be.

Be a good human.

Do the right thing.

Follow the rules.

Stay home.



Happy Earth Day 2020

Could it be that COVID-19 is Mother Nature’s way of fighting back for all the destruction, disrespect, damage and death her human children have dealt her and her other children over the last few hundred years?

Now go be a good human and go do something good for the thing that gave and gives you life – your mother.

Plant a tree.
Grow a garden.
Help an animal in need.
Stop eating factory farmed meat.
Grow your own food and energy.
Go solar.
Drive electric.
Ride a bike.
Get outside.
Leave no trace.
Tread lightly.
Preserve land for nature and wildlife.
Create more wilderness.
Water is life – protect and cherish it.
Don’t be so selfish.
Do not be racist.
Have fewer offspring.
Downsize your house.
Do not litter and pick up the litter of others.
Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, rebuild, replant, rethink, refuse, resist.
Listen to the experts and follow their recommendations.
Science the shit out of it – whatever it is.
Lead by example.
Teach your kids about nature and our connection to it.
Help others.
Be a good human.
Love your mothers.
Do good things.
Be the change.

Stay Curious.

Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing will ever change.

Happy Earth Day.

For what it’s worth

My recommendations during COVID-19 for what they are worth. Feel free to take them or leave them.

Do not think you are safe because you are young or fit. The virus does not care about you, your age, or your plans.

The virus is new. Novel. You do not have a natural or special immunity that will protect you – and there are questions on how much of and how long you will have immunity after infection. That topic still being studied as I write these words.

Homemade or purchased untested/unapproved concoctions, potions, poltaces, salves, ointments, crystals, flowery/fruity smells, and other “medicines” and will not fight or stop infection – but if they help you feel better and cope with the situation go for it – but also play by the rules as set by the infectious disease experts.

Your lifestyle, money, magic, religion, prayers, politics, status, belief it is all a conspiracy theory – whatever – will not protect you either.

This virus will happily shoot your plans in the foot if you slack off and give it the chance.

Choose wisely.
Do the right thing.

Protect yourself and your loved ones and everyone you come in contact with.

Listen to the health and science experts.

Follow their advice.

Stay home.

Social distance.

Do not shake hands.

Wash your hands – a lot.

Don’t touch your face.

Cough into your elbow/mask.

Wash your hands again.

Don’t touch strangers or other people outside of your core family group or their “stuff.”

When you have to go out, don’t touch things outside your home such as grocery store items – until you are absolutely sure it is the item you want to buy – then, buy it, bag it, and once you get it home – sanitize it before taking it into your home.

Sanitize your mail and packages before bringing them into your home (microwaving mail/packages will not help – but it may damage your mail or microwave.)

Sanitize the soles of your shoes before entering your home.

Sanitize your car where your groceries and whtever else your hands touched.

Stock up, but do not hord supplies.

Wear a homemade mask in public, avoid crowds and people showing signs of sickness, if you start showing signs of sickness – self isolate and call your doctor.

Are my cautionary science-supported preparations germophobic overkill?


But it is better to be overly safe, healthy, and prepared, than to be another statistic.

If and when the authorities open things back up it will be a good idea to keep taking all the precautions until the experts say we are in the clear – and then keep social distancing for a few more weeks just to be sure it doesn’t come back and we have to go through all this again.

Then, and only then will we be able to start to slowly go back to “normal” – although, our “normal” will probably never be the way it was before COVID-19.

Finally, when a vaccine is developed, tested and available – just get it…or you could take your chances and let Darwin decide – if you understand my meaning.

Protect yourself and others by listening to the experts, doing the right thing, and choosing wisely.

To do anything less, for whatever selfish reasons you can come up with, would be putting yourself and others at risk and will only prolong the suffering and loss.

No, dear reader, I have not been compromised by “the man” or by some outside influence/power wanting to control everything and everyone for some nefarious purpose.

In fact, from my point of view it is just the opposite – I feel more free than many of you reading these words and possibly choosing to accuse me of being corrupted by the system. Why, because I choose to not listen to all the crazy conspiracy theories, the bloated snake oil salesmen, con artists, hucksters, hot air spewing televangelists, and charlatans on the lunatic fringe out to take you for a ride with their only goal being to take your money.

I choose to accept the evidence, findings, and advice of science and I let that evidence be my decision making guide for my life’s choices. At least with science my decisions are based on mountains of evidence, evidence and facts that support themselves and are the basis of my decisions. Decisions based on facts that are supported by evidence – not by the heated claims of those out only to better only themselves or their special or selfish interests.

To base my decisions on the facts supported by the evidence and peer review process and to not be a part of the controlling cults of myth, money, and politics was one of the most freeing decisions I have ever made.

Choose wisely.



Maybe after all this is over people will think before they act.

Maybe they will think about how their daily actions impact their fellow humans, wildlife, and the life-giving environment that supports us all.

Maybe they will put the planet, people, and nature, before profit.

Maybe they will think before they toss litter on the ground, in the water, or in the air.

Maybe they will pick up the litter of others.

Maybe they will choose cleaner options for their energy and transportation systems.

Maybe they will be nicer to others.

Maybe they will accept the differences of others and welcome infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Maybe they will drop the self-imposed imaginary division found only on maps and within their minds and start working together with each other.

Maybe they will develop better cleanliness habits.

Maybe they will stop shaking the hands of strangers.

Maybe they will wear masks in public when they have a cough/cold/sickness – better yet maybe they will stay home when they are sick.

Maybe they will share resources rather than selfishly hoarding them.

Maybe they will plant vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.

Maybe they will help each other just because it is the right thing to do.

Maybe they will stop arguing and fighting over petty little irritations, problems, and differences… irritations, problems, and differences that do not seem so bad right now.

Maybe they will stop blaming others for all the problems in the world and accept responsibility because we are all in this together.

Maybe they will seek and find the beauty and wonder of nature and of humanity all around us.

Maybe they will sing, dance, play music, live, laugh, and love.

Maybe they will spend more quality time with those they love and maybe they will love and cherish that time as time well spent.

Maybe, after drinking cleaner water, breathing cleaner air, seeing the blue sky, distant mountains, and the Milky Way for the first time – maybe they will wise up, wake up, and understand that our short term careless actions have long term consequences that harm us all.

Maybe after seeing their friends and loved ones suffering and passing away because they ignored the warnings of the health and science experts, maybe then they will listen to and trust those experts, follow their recommendations, and wash hands, wear PPE’s, and stay home when the experts tell them to do so.


Maybe not.

Only time will tell.

No matter what happens to the human species – life, the universe, and everything will go on.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not. ” – The Lorax

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” -John Lennon

Do only good things.