Give me some Oxygen!

The internet is a wealth of amazing knowledge and honest evidence and science-supported peer-reviewed answers on anything you have a question about, educational outlets, DIY tutorials on just about anything you can imagine, wonderful art, photography, music, culture, shopping, and hilarious cat videos.  However, if you look in the wrong dark corner – it is also a putrid cesspool of filth filled, lunatic fringe, manufactured misinformation, disinformation, and targeted doubt, fueled by basement-dwelling, troglodytic trolls sharing selling their own brand of fear-focused snake-oil “medicine” cures for anything that ails you, with all of it leading down twisted paths to dead ends of great gory heaps of rancid hogwash.  The hard part is knowing how to sort out the good from the bad and not get lost in the quagmire of insanity that is the fetid, festering underbelly of the World Wide Web.

Usually, the extreme fringe dwelling claims of internet know-it-all hawkers preaching their versions of their “truth” and their “reality” on websites, social media, and streaming video channels, these are very  easily debunked with common knowledge and common sense.  Other times, when it is hard to see through the words of all the charlatans – there are wonderful fact-checking websites (,,, and many more), that will help us sort the wheat from the chaff – and there is a lot of chaff.

Sometimes, however, common sense, knowledge, and actual facts are not enough to convince the dangerously skeptical among us.  Many will often cry that the evidence and facts are being manufactured and/or manipulated, strings are being pulled behind the scenes, and that “it” – whatever “it” is – is all a hoax or a conspiracy, etc.

When this happens I feel that it could only be helpful if regular people like me take a serious look at the situation, analyze it with a scientifically skeptical mind, and then share our findings.  In doing this, maybe some of the overly skeptical/fearful folks will see that the results of a friend show exactly what the experts are saying – on whatever the subject may be.  Then, maybe, hopefully, these doubting individuals will be enlightened to the facts found by a friend instead of some nameless white coat and mask-wearing scientist in a lab somewhere, or a talking head on TV.  Maybe once they see that someone they know has come to the same conclusion as the highly educated and peer-reviewed experts – then maybe, hopefully, they will choose to put aside all the crazy internet-sourced, often dangerous to their health and the health of their friends and family bad ideas, and they will decide to choose wisely on this, and whatever the next topic may be.

Maybe with my example as an inspiration, they might choose to do their own research and answer their own questions over just believing anything they read/see/hear/share online.

Obviously, it is dangerous and not in any way helpful for anyone to just believe blindly and without question all the randomly shared stories/comments/claims/cures seen online. Personally, I try to think critically when anyone makes any claim targeting the learned, evidence-supported, peer-reviewed recommendations of the experts in any given field of study.  When I have questions, and I have a lot of them, I choose to do the research and answer the questions with real results and real evidence – with real science. However, if you do not trust and/or believe me in my quest for the evidence, and for knowledge – then please, try it out for yourself and share your results with your peers and see if they come to the same conclusions.  If they do, then whatever the outcome, and if you did your science correctly – it must be true.

Today’s Internet Claim: Wearing masks reduces or depletes your blood oxygen levels and therefore is not a good idea.

This claim instantly sounded like a good one to test due to its common sense and evidence lacking spin – so let’s get into it.

Demonstration #1: I used a super cool homemade two-ply cloth filter mask my other sister made for me.

My job as a teacher requires a lot of speaking, walking around the classroom and grounds – so, yes, I exert myself enough to need good air/oxygen flow.

I wore this mask all day at work while teaching and working inside and outside the classroom.

I only took it off during lunch when no one was in the building – so I could eat.

In total, I wore the mask for 6.5 hours during my class sessions – as I have done every day in class since late March.

During this time I used a pulse oximeter to measure my blood oxygen level (SpO2) at 10 random times throughout the day during all activities.

A masked me with oximeter reading my SpO2.

The Results:

Baseline: At the start of the day and before putting on the mask, my SpO2 was: 97% (This is an average of three readings taken a few seconds apart.  Each time I take my SpO2 level I follow this same protocol – three consecutive readings, averaged together.)

During the workday.

My highest SpO2: 98% (mask on – teaching, moving around the room)

My lowest SpO2: 95% (mask off – sitting during lunch)

My average SpO2: 96.2%

Demonstration #2: I purchased a mass-manufactured Halo Mask ( ) – this is a three-layer mask including a replaceable microfiber filter.  

My job as a teacher requires a lot of speaking, walking around the classroom and grounds – so, yes, I exert myself enough to need good air/oxygen flow.

I wore this mask all day at work while teaching and working inside and outside the classroom.

I only took it off only during lunch when no one was in the building – so I could eat.

In total, I wore the mask for 6.5 hours during my class sessions.

During this time I used a pulse oximeter to measure my blood oxygen level (SpO2) at 10 random times throughout the day during all activities.

Wearing the Halomask

The results:

Baseline: At the start of the day and before putting on the mask, my SpO2 was: 96.7% (This is an average of three readings taken a few seconds apart.  Each time I take my SpO2 level I follow this same protocol – three consecutive readings, averaged together.)

During the workday:

My highest SpO2: 95% (mask on – teaching, moving around the room)

My lowest SpO2: 94% (mask on – teaching)

My average SpO2: 95.03%

Demonstration #3: I purchased a GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Dust Half Mask Respirator ( )

I wore it for a supply run trip into a local hardware store. I also wore it when I was cleaning my classroom three times during the day.  During each instance of wearing the respirator mask I had it on for an average duration of 26 minutes.  During each instance I was actively working – shopping and cleaning – in other words, these are things that require some physical exertion and therefore good air/oxygen flow.

In total, I wore the mask for a total duration of 106 minutes.

My average time wearing the mask was 26.5 minutes.  

During each of these instances I used a pulse oximeter to measure my blood oxygen level (SpO2) at the completion of each session wearing the GVS mask.

Wearing the professional respirator mask.

The results:

Baseline: At the start of the day and before putting on the mask, my SpO2 was: 96.7% (This is an average of three readings taken a few seconds apart.  Each time I take my SpO2 level I follow this same protocol – three consecutive readings, averaged together.)

During the demonstration:

My highest SpO2: 98.3% (shopping)

My lowest SpO2: 94.3% (cleaning)

My average SpO2: 95.90%

Comparing the three demonstrations we see the following:

Demo #1 Homemade Cloth Mask:  Average SpO2: 96.20%

Demo #2 Three layer microfiber filter mask:  Average SpO2: 95.03%

Demo #3: Professional respirator mask:  Average SpO2: 95.90%

Average SpO2 w/o a mask: 95.81%

Average SpO2 with all types of mask tested: 95.71%


At sea level, a healthy human has an SpO2 between 95 – 100%.

My SpO2 tends to trend on the low side if “normal” probably due to my age (52), having mild exercise-induced asthma, and having had Mycoplasma pneumonia twice when I was younger…and possibly because I live/work between 2,500 – 3100′ (762 – 945 m) – above sea level (elevation gain lowers SpO2 “normal range” readings – but this last variable is probably negligible).

Then there is the error factor of ~2% for this type of pulse oximeter to factor in as well so my SpO2 level could have fallen anywhere between 92 – 100% during this test.

To all the anti-mask naysayers, doubters, and conspiracy theorists who say wearing masks will reduce your oxygen levels, my findings during this simple demonstration suggest the opposite.

My results suggest the following: Wearing a mask – be it a homemade cloth mask, a mass market multi-layer microfiber mask, or a professional respirator mask does not alter, impair, or reduce the flow of oxygen from the atmosphere into the mask-wearers lungs/bloodstream.

However, what wearing a mask does alter, impair, and reduce is the outward flow of the mask-wearers exhaled liquid respiratory droplets, and therefore, their fungal, bacterial, and viral contents (their nasty germs) contained within their exhaled liquid droplets.  In other words: it greatly reduces (depending upon the type of mask worn) the mask wearers germs, from getting out of them and/or into your body and infecting you or others with something you or they do not want – be it a common cold or COVID-19.

Wearing a mask is caring for others.

Note #1: If you wear the same mask for several days and let it become saturated with moisture, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, etc. – deposits of moisture, dust, pollen, and possibly, mold, and bacterial colonies could accumulate/grow on the mask clogging up the pores in the fabric/filter thereby reducing airflow – and that in turn could potentially reduce the flow of oxygen. This is not the recommended or the smart way to use a mask – and it is just totally gross. To keep this possible outcome from happening – wash your mask with soap and water at the end of each day.  If your mask has filters, change them at the manufacturers recommended intervals.

Note #2: I am fully aware some people are not able to wear masks due to health conditions. This demonstration is not meant for those people.  This demonstration is for the heathy people who do not have conditions that negate wearing a mask.  This demonstration is for people who are otherwise healthy but for personal reasons are searching for “evidence” that supports their personal decision to not wear a mask.  Heath conditions that negate wearing a mask aside, choosing to not wear a mask for personal reasons is just incredibly self-centered, uncaring, and selfish.  If you are one of these people, if you are choosing to ignore the evidence and the facts, then please – do not be part of the problem and just stay home until all this is over.

Note#3: Oxygen atoms are far smaller than the weave of a homemade cloth mask, an N95, an N100, or even the very best medical or particulate/chemical protective respirator mask. If, in fact, properly fitted, and correctly used masks did block oxygen molecules as some are trying to claim – then all the mask-wearing doctors, veterinarians, dentists, health care workers, manufacturing plant workers, scientists, people painting cars/houses, sanding wood, firefighters, servicemen, police, and regular everyday people choosing to wear a mask to protect themselves and to protect you from them – would be passing out and dropping dead all over the place from lack of oxygen.  Those that survived their ordeal would quickly sling rapid-fire lawsuits at all the mask companies which would then fold. 

But this is not happening – why? Because oxygen atoms are far too small to be stopped by the fibers of any approved professional personal protective equipment mask, homemade cloth mask, bandana, scarf, or old t-shirt wrapped around your face.

Some good mask information from PBS Studios.

Unmasking mask myths.

Uncle Rob using fire and common sense to show how masks work.

How small are oxygen atoms?

Size comparison – remember a water molecule is made of both hydrogen and oxygen atoms – so oxygen atoms are very, very, very small.

Still confused on the sizes/scale of things – check this out.

Mask Update 2021: This is all still true to this day and I am still here and breathing just fine despite wearing masks in public places for over a year. I have also been vaccinated for COVID-19 and all the other expert-recommended vaccinations as well as Rabies.

Mask Update 2022: Again – I am still here and breathing just fine despite religiously wearing masks in all public places I have visited during this pandemic (when and where recommended by the CDC and common sense) – yet, despite the masks I still contracted COVID-19 in the spring of this year. However, it was not because the masks did not work. The source of my infection was traced back to my wife’s place of business where the virus hitchhiked in/on her and then jumped to me. Cross-contamination is a real bummer.

Lucky for us our cases were relatively mild thanks to our vaccinations – Yay Science!


There is not democratic science.

There is not republican science.

There is only science.

Science does not take sides – please stop trying to make science political.

People take sides.

Science only seeks to reveal the how of things- it seeks only to find the evidence of what is true and then help us make better decisions on how to adapt to this thing called life.

Science will not dictate your path, it will only offer evidence and then suggest the best path you should take – it is then up to you to logically decide – based on the evidence at hand – which path to take.

Please choose wisely to support science over greed, control, and fear-focused politics and ancient dogma.

Support the findings and suggestions of science for a healthy, safe, and prosperous future.

The future is in our hands.

Please wear a mask.


“Oh My!!! A friend just told me Bill Gates is planning to track us with mind-controlling microchips hidden in Coronavirus vaccines !!!”

Fact-checking websites Snopes, Politifact, and Factcheck have already debunked this one but I would like to offer my own unique perspective on this bizarre topic.

Some background: earlier this year I came across this article and this article being shared around social media. My internal fact-checking software instantly threw up the red flag. It looked to be yet another conspiracy “theory” and I have absolutely no idea why people choose to believe these things over facts and evidence. So in an attempt to try to explain to myself why people would want to think (and share) such radical, disruptive, stories, I conducted a simple internet search for more information on the subject which directed me to this article and then this one and more recently this one completely debunking the previous as well as this WHO page debunking many of the myths.

Who is correct?

My rational, scientific mind had an idea but it needed more evidence to confirm or deny my hypothesis.

At the same time, I witnessed several bizarre posts on the subject being widely shared on various social media platforms – including a number of videos popping up on YouTube – that appear to be intentionally manufactured to spread misinformation, disinformation, uncertainty, and fear (as if there is not already enough of all that) around the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global pandemic health crisis. These stories, posts, and videos also include links to homemade videos, news clips taken out of context, and even what looks like professionally produced “documentaries” that agree with, support, and seem to be only working to spread widely these before-mentioned, and many other conspiracy “theories” around COVID-19, centered on its origins, actions, impacts, and even its “purpose.” An example of this is the recent Plandemic movie – a documentary-style video that was debunked by several sources (including this one, this one, this one and this one just to name a few) and it was later taken down by social media platforms due to its wealth of inaccuracy and outright promotion of misinformation and bizarre attempts to connect various conspiracy “theories.”

A badly photo-shopped photo of Bill Gates over an image of the COVID-19 viral particle that I found online

None of the conspiracy “theories” focused on COVID-19 and Bill Gates have anything at all to do with reality, logic, or common sense.

Why are some people so caught up in all this conspiratorial madness?

In my opinion, these conspiracy “theories” seem to be just barking mad attempts to instigate and spread uncertainty in science, outright fear, and to “stir the pot.”

A quick internet search revealed evidence supporting that some proprietors of these “theories” may be using them to sell stuff and even more products – they are simply using the fear around COVID-19 to increase their incomes. Like the war-time profiteers before them, they are “fear-time” profiteers preying on and profiting off of the gullible. Some even seem to be promoting, and manufacturing these theories by creating fear-focused manufactured need campaigns seemingly designed only to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals with nefarious “snake-oil” tactics claiming to heal, cure, prevent, or block COVID-19 with their only obvious goals being greed-driven profit.

Greed and profit are obvious but why…just, why?

Other than snake oil salesmen and swindlers wanting to make a quick buck off of the fearful and gullible, I have no idea as to any other why, reason, or to what end some people would want to create these erroneous unscientific “theories,” and then share and spread them far and wide via the internet and word of mouth. I will not attempt to speculate further on the why of this matter because I have no evidence to support any claims that I may have. Without any verifiable evidence to support my claims, I would be entering into the realm of belief – and belief is not my area of expertise, focus, or concern – my concern is only evidence-supported peer-reviewed data and facts and I will let the data, evidence, and the facts speak for themselves.

What does Bill say?

Bill Gates was asked about how he felt about these bizarre allegations and he stated “In a way, it’s so bizarre, you almost want to view it as something humorous, but I guess it’s really not a humorous thing. I’ve never been involved in any sort of microchip-type thing,” he said, according to the New York Post. “It’s almost hard to deny this stuff because it’s so stupid or strange that to even repeat it almost seems to give it credibility.”


In reality, the facts show that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated upwards of 50 billion dollars to organizations working to fight Malaria, COVID-19, and other diseases with new vaccines and other health care advancements – so, therefore, Bill and Melinda and their Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are working very hard to make our world a better place.

On top of all that awesome goodness, there is a very good chance the computer or mobile device you are using right now is either running a Windows operating system or has technology that is derived from, spun off from, or benefited from competition with Microsoft – a multi-national computing company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975.

Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1981. Source:

Microsoft played a huge role in the personal/office computer revolution which has led up to a large percentage of the planet’s population having the ability to own or to have access to a personal computer to streamline their lives, increase creativity and productivity, and – after the invention of the internet – have a voice like never before in history. While all this is mostly a good thing, it also gives conspiracy theorists, science and technology deniers, hate and fear mongers, a massive platform via social media to influence others – and that is not in any way a good thing for the rest of us trying to make sense of it all.

So here we are at today

It looks like the conspiracy theorists have tried their very best to put a little bit of thought into this one and from what I can gather it looks like their train of thought may go something like this:

If Bill Gates and friends started one of the planet’s largest computing/software companies, then he and his nerdy friends must have the technological knowledge and skill to create vaccines and microscopic transmitters they could then inject into us for the purposes of tracking our movements and maybe even controlling our minds.

I can see their logic here – even though it is a train wreck of faulty logic.

Sadly, it looks like Carl Sagan may have been right when he perfectly stated…

How then have I come to the conclusion that the claims of the conspiracy theorists focused on Bill Gates, vaccines, COVID-19, and “vaccine-delivered tracking and mind control” devices etcetera, are nothing more than outlandish and ridiculous hogwash?

The answer is simple:

Experience. Facts. Evidence. Common sense.

Let us look at each of these in more detail.

(Prepare to go down the rabbit hole.)

On the job experience

For many years I worked as a veterinary assistant. I often assisted the doctors with the application of RFID/PIT pet identification tags (PIT = Passive Integrated Transponder or Pet Identification Tag) aka “microchips” such as the PIT tag seen in the radiograph (x-ray) of a housecat below.

A RFID/PIT Tag in a cat. Source:

I have seen first hand the size of the “needle” applicator device used to insert PIT tags into pets, livestock, and wildlife. This device is far more massive than almost any hypodermic needle used on animals or humans for almost any reason, and it is by far much larger than any needle used to administer any vaccination. In fact, you could fit several vaccine-sized needles inside it!  

A RFID/PIT applicator needle.

For your reference: below is a standard vaccine syringe and hypodermic needle.

Stock photo

Vaccines are delivered using very small needles varying in size from 22-25 gauge. The longer needles pictured below are larger in diameter than those typically used for vaccines but they are still not large enough to pass any of the currently available RFID and micro-scale tracking devices through their needles and into the vaccine receivers body.

For more information on needle sizes used with vaccines see the CDC and for an explanation of hypodermic needle thickness please reference the Birmingham Gauge.

All commonly used RFID “microchips” are physically far larger than any of the needles used for vaccines – therefore, these devices are not physically able to pass through any of the needles used for vaccines.

The photo below shows a RFID/PIT tag “microchip” and its associated applicator device – this thing is scary big!

My point here is this: you would know – without a doubt – if a medical professional, Bill Gates, or anyone else, was injecting this thing into your body.

More Evidence

RFID microchips are nothing new. For decades people have been implanting RFID “microchips” in their pets and livestock for identification, and more recently, to give their pets the ability to open automatic pet doors and therefore, keep out unwanted wild creatures or the neighbor’s cat.

More recently, people have been implanting RFID tags into themselves for their own purposes and, like their pets – to allow keyless entry into their homes – and for others, access into high-security settings. There are also those users such as this person who implanted RFID devices into his hands to store his cold Bitcoin wallet.

Human microchipping is becoming very popular in Sweden.

Amie DD uses an implanted RFID device to unlock and start her Tesla Model 3.

Read more and watch a video of Amie DD’s journey to implant a RFID chip in her arm to allow access to her car.

The crew at Dangerous Things specialize in the production and sale of all manner of implantable RFID and NFC microchips – but none of them are small enough to be injected/installed/implanted into a human being via a “vaccine-sized” needle.

Below are some examples and size comparisons between Dangerous Things “microchips” and some coins.

More Experience from Wildlife Conservation Research

Over the last 30 years, I have been trained by and worked with the experts in, and conducted several of my own, radio-telemetry based habitat use and movement tracking studies with three species of wild reptiles using both external and implantable radio tracking devices.

Me and one of my tracking subjects – “Apollo” the Eastern Rat snake (AKA Black rat snake or Blacksnake)

These radio tracking devices are indeed small but, to my knowledge, (and do correct me if I am wrong but please provide reputable links to the sources for any information you share), the human species has yet to develop an active, long-range, long life, radio/GPS or cellular-based tracking device small enough to be passed through a RFID applicator and then be actively tracked using radio/cellular/GPS based tracking technology.

Small transmitters do exist.

There are, in fact, several companies that manufacture very small radio transmitters such as those pictured below.

These three units are solar-powered, surface mount, tracking transmitters that use the cellular networks to keep track of the animals they are attached to.
A micro radio transmitter affixed to a Monarch butterfly.

As I write this, the smallest commercially available relatively long-range, radio-tracking device I could find – the Holohil LB-2x – is designed for use with small animals such as bats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc. But I say again – it is much too large to pass through a PIT tag applicator or any hypodermic needle.

The Holohil LB-2x Source:

The tiny Holohil LB-2x unit attached to a Grasshopper with a human hand to show scale.


While these radio tracking devices are in fact incredibly small, they are still much too large to be injected or implanted into the animals with which they are used. Therefore they must be glued, strapped, or somehow affixed to the skin/fur/exoskeleton of the animal. They are usually not injected or implanted into the animal for fear of harming the creature since their size relative to the animal being tracked is just too great. Along with this fact, the tracking device’s battery life is far too short to warrant the complex procedure of transmitter implantation surgery such as the surgery being conducted on the snake in the below photo.

My veterinarian implanting a micro-radio transmitter into a Timber rattlesnake I radio-tracked in the wild for four years. This transmitter is about the size of a AAA battery and allows the researcher to keep track of the animal for up to two years before the unit needs to be replaced with a new device with a fresh battery – which requires yet another surgery.
This is a radiograph (X-Ray) of the same snake with the transmitter in place – note the hair-like antenna under the animals skin. Obviously, this type of radio tracking device is far too large to be injected into you via any hypodermic needle.

While the batteries in the transmitters I have used with wild reptiles had a lifespan of up to two years, the tiny batteries in the smallest radio and cellular tracking transmitters only allows them to function for less than a month. In the case of the smallest available unit I could find, the Holohil LB-2x, it will only transmit for 8-22 days – therefore the short battery life of these units would not permit long term tracking of an animal…or a human as some want to erroneously suggest.

“Catherine” an Eastern box turtle that I tracked for 8 years. Note the transmitter glued to her carapace (top shell). This transmitter is a Holohil RI-2B and is about the size of three US quarters stacked atop each other.

In my research for this post, I was able to find one reference to an active tracking device for use in fish that is, like a RFID/PIT tag, injected into the animal using a very large “needle-like” applicator.


However, this JSATS tracking system is for fish and other aquatic species that live in water and, along with the PIT tag transmitter implanted into the fish, it requires several other pieces of external hardware to operate. So, unless you are an aquatic creature such as a fish, amphibian, Aquaman, a mermaid, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon – then you have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to this type of transmitter.

More information on JSATS.

A fish being implanted with an acoustic tracking device.

Along with that fact, the needles used to inject this and other similar acoustic transmitter units are 6-12 Gauge needles – those are huge needles!

Just to be clear: Most needles used for vaccines are 22 – 25 gauge – so in other words – they are very small and not able to pass any of the currently available radio or acoustic tracking devices through their delivery canals. Below is a gauge/mm comparison for your reference.

In other words: if Bill Gates or anyone else was actually implanting you with RFID/PIT tag “microchips” or any other kind of “tracking devices” that would be able to function longer than a few weeks: you would know it due to the enormous sizes of the “needles.”

Yet even more evidence

Unlike passive, non-transmitting RFID/NFC/PIT “microchip” tags, radio telemetry tracking devices are active. In other words, they use a built-in battery and sometimes even an attached micro-solar module (panel) to provide power to a tiny radio. Their trackable radio signal is then broadcast via an attached coil, rigid, wire-like, or flexible whip antenna allowing their specific identifying frequency, and thereby their location, to be tracked by a researcher using a hand-held receiver with an attached directional antenna like the one I am holding in the below photo…

…or even larger, longer-range directional antennas.


In other words: even if you had been secretly implanted with a tiny radio-tracking device that you were not aware of – you would know something was up when someone nearby was following you around and frequently pointing one of these rather large antennas in your general direction.

Therefore, if someone was tracking you using the currently available radio-based methods of tracking, even if they were able to make an actively transmitting, long battery life, long transmission range, RFID “microchip” type of device small enough to be implanted into your body without your knowledge – they would also need a radio signal receiving unit (aka receiver) and a directional antenna set – and they would need to be relatively near you to locate your radio transmitter’s signal. If you noticed that someone was following you and pointing an antenna in your general direction, all you would need to do to quickly evade them would be to jump on a bicycle, an airplane, or a car, and speed away from them. You would then easily outdistance them and they would quickly lose your radio signal and thereby your location. (If they were really crafty they could then track your location via the built-in GPS tracking device in your car – but that is another story.)

Tracking an unpredictable human animal with relatively short-range radio telemetry technology would be very challenging, to say the least.

However, when tracking slow-moving wildlife such as most reptiles -they are often predictable and do not move very far outside their home range. But if you are tracking a migratory bird, Monarch butterfly, whale, bear, sea turtle, shark, or other animals that have much larger continent and ocean-spanning home ranges – then you need a long-range GPS enabled tracking device such as the one pictured below attached to the carapace of a Loggerhead sea turtle. These units can be tracked from the comfort of the researcher’s home – but again, they are far too large to be injected or implanted into the living organism being tracked. Therefore, GPS transmitters such as these are effectively ruled out as ways to covertly track a human being.

Caroline the Loggerhead sea turtle wearing her GPS tracking device mounted to her shell. Follow Caroline and all the other turtles at the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

So…what is a good way to track a human?

As I stated earlier – the evidence and current technology supports that it is possible to track large, far-ranging wildlife with GPS tracking devices attached to the outside of their bodies – such as the before mentioned sea turtle, or sharks, whales, Crocodiles, and/or using GPS tracking collars with animals like bears, lions, and elephants, etc. But again, these are often large units that are not in any way suitable for implantation into the body of a living organism.


It makes sense that using a GPS enabled tracking device would be a good way to keep track of a far-ranging human. However, I do not suggest doing so by using a covertly implanted GPS device because, as far as I know, that option is not an option due to the fact that it is technologically impossible using the currently available GPS tracking systems. This is simply due to the fact that the size of today’s GPS hardware is just too large to be implanted into a human body without a lengthy, invasive, and questionable surgical procedure.

For tracking humans I would suggest an active personal GPS/Cellular connected tracking device such as the Angel Sense for use with children, those with special needs, and the elderly. Another similar device – the SCRAM bracelet (see below photo) is essentially a radio/GPS enabled tracking device similar to those used with wildlife – only it has been designed to fit the human animal.

Obviously, all of these devices are rather large, externally wearable, radio/cellular, and GPS-based active tracking technologies that would be known/noticed by the wearer. However, currently available implantable RFID/PIT tag “microchip” technology is nothing like these and/or any of the previously discussed radio/cellular/GPS-based tracking technologies in these key ways:

-It is passive and read-only therefore it does not transmit an actively trackable radio signal.

-It does not contain an active power source/batteries.

-It will only transmit a signal when it is energized by the hand-held RFID “microchip” reader.

-Its antenna is tiny and internal therefore its transmission range is limited often only to millimeters.

Due to all of these facts – implantable RFID/PIT tag “microchip” technology is passive and short-range use only, allowing identification of the “microchip” if and only if you have the chip scanner/reader in your hand and if and only if you then pass the reader over the PIT tag’s location in the implanted user’s body as seen in the below photograph.

Another example of the limited range of RFID “microchip” technology comes from people (and animals) with implanted “door key” RFID “microchips” in which the user must place the part of their body that contains the RFID tag in very close proximity to the RFID reader to allow the tag to be read and therefore actuate the mechanism that unlocks the door as in the below graphic.

Therefore, it is technically and physically impossible to read an implanted passive RFID/PIT tag “microchip” device from more than a few feet away from the individual with the implanted RFID/PIT “microchip” tag.

Therefore, RFID “microchips” are simply just not trackable in real-time.

Therefore, it is just not possible for Bill Gates or anyone else to be tracking you (or your pets) from their personal computer terminal in their living room…or their secret mad science volcano-cave lair using covertly installed “vaccine-delivered” RFID “microchip” technology.

…Oh wait, but maybe Bill Gates has invented an invisibility cloak and is standing right next to you using his RFID reader to scan your body at this very moment or while you were sleeping last night – omg! OMG!! OMG!!!

Even if any of this Hogwarts hocus-pocus was even possible, the only information the great and powerful wizard Gates (or anyone else) would be able to gather – would be your PIT tag’s unique ID number and/or any other data you choose to encode it with. Therefore, to track you 24-7-365, Bill and his “henchmen” would need to somehow silently follow you around all the time, closely scanning the exact location on your body where the chip is implanted, and then plot your current location on their devious little tracking map.

But if Bill was following you around to read your “microchip” tag – why then would he even need the “microchip” tag – would he not already know your location?

You know as well as I do that all this is just totally ridiculous….but just to cover all the bases, what say we go even deeper down this rabbit hole of conspiratorial madness? 

What about the cellular networks etc…

What about the cellular networks, and Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi – they can send and receive data between all manner of devices – so maybe Gates and his cronies are using some or all of these advanced wireless communication technologies married to microscopic RFID/NFC “microchip” technologies so you can be tracked when you are in the presence of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and/or the cellular networks – you know, the 5G*/vaccine/RFID tracking conspiracy connection? (Oops…did I leave out chemtrails…does that one somehow figure in here as well..?)

It’s Tangent Time

*Before I continue I would like to share that my research suggests the following:

5G is harmless and chemtrails do not exist.*

Part One: 5G is a harmless radio wave emitting/receiving technology. The 5G radio signal is made up of radio energy only. This energy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum – not the physical world of matter where we Human animals exist. It is just not possible for 5G (or 4G, 3G, 2G, 1G, or even 0G) to carry, transmit, or “activate” a virus, a bacteria, or any other biological organism, nor will it “weaken your immune system” allowing COVID-19 to infect you.

What 5G does do, and what it can only do, is speed up your wireless devices, your internet, and your streaming services, etc. – and who doesn’t want that?

Random internet photo.

Part Two: Chemtrails are not real – period. (*unless you are talking about Aerial Application aka: crop dusting – but that is an entirely different, yet to some, a related topic.)

A cellular antenna system with RFID microchip for comparison. Please let me know if you can see the RFID microchip – because I cannot. Scale is approximate.

End Tangent Time

Back to the Answer

Current cellular/Bluetooth/Wifi technology is massive in size when compared to the size of RFID microchips.  It also requires extensive support hardware/software/infrastructure and a dedicated power source to operate – think: your smartphone and its cellular network, home WiFi router, your Bluetooth Mp3 player/iPod/iPad/Smartphone, wireless earbuds, your car’s key fob. All these things require comparatively large components and constant grid power and/or intermittent power from a relatively large built-in battery to function.  All of this technology is just far too large to inject/implant/insert into your body with or without your knowledge or consent. Therefore, cellular/Bluetooth/WiFi systems are now effectively ruled out of the evidence-lacking hazy picture floating around in the heads of the conspiracy-minded.

What about Quantum Dot tattoos?

In the battle to end disease, medical professionals need to be able to keep track of who has been administered which medications and vaccinations, and who has not. In western cultures, we have many ways of keeping records connecting our identity with our medical history records. However, in many highly populated, poor, and/or indigenous cultures lacking the infrastructure, health care, and vaccination programs we are so lucky to have in the western world, it can be very hard to know who has received the latest vaccinations. This is where science may have an answer in the quantum dot tattoo.


At the moment, Quantum Dot tattoos are only an idea and are not in use at the time of the writing of this document. Along with that fact is the fact that they are not trackable via radio telemetry, GPS, Cellular, or the internet. To read them you must pass a scanning device over the area of the tattoo and, like RFID/PIT “microchip” tags, therefore, they are read-only at a very close range.

While quantum dot tattoos could one day allow keeping track of individuals without health records and identification systems, they do not allow “mind control” or long-distance tracking/surveillance of the individual with the tattoo as some have tried to suggest.

More details on the Quantum Dot tattoo may be found here.

What about “smartdust”!!

The MU Chip and the U-Chip? Aren’t these RFID “microchips” even smaller to the point some have coined the term

smart dust?”

Yes, Hitachi has in fact invented an incredibly small RFID “microchip” device as stated in this article “Hitachi holds the record for the smallest RFID chip, at 0.05 mm × 0.05 mm. This is 1/64th the size of the previous record-holder, the mu-chip. Manufacture is enabled by using the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process. These dust-sized chips can store 38-digit numbers using 128-bit Read Only Memory (ROM). A major challenge is the attachment of antennas, thus limiting read range to only millimeters.”

As this microchip is read-only it does not actively transmit a trackable signal – therefore, it is not trackable in real-time nor is it detectable unless passed under a read device that must be held only millimeters away. It is basically just a smaller version of a RFID/PIT tag style “microchip” – but even without its antenna it is still far too large to pass through a vaccine-sized needle.

Practical Applications

There is, however, one place RFID microchips will be used in conjunction with vaccines – as an identification system on vaccine containers/applicators like the unit shown below resting on a smartphone.


The RFID “microchip” is the rectangular device adjacent to the vaccine containing “blister.” The RFID “microchip” and vaccine are in separate parts of the applicator device and at no time do they come in contact with each other. In fact, as you can see, the RFID “microchip” is again, far too large to be injected through the hypodermic needle used to inject the vaccine into the vaccine receiving individual. The RFID “microchip” is not contained within the actual vaccine as some have tried to insinuate.

The company Apiject is working with the RAPID Consortium to manufacture a new mass-produced applicator system that will speed up the manufacture and distribution of the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines/therapeutic medications in order to get them to the people who need them the most. This identification system will allow medical professionals the ability to keep track of vaccine distribution, stock, quality control, and the RFID’s specific code which can be linked with the receiver’s digital health record so medical professionals know who has had which vaccinations and/or medications. As stated on the Apiject website: “Whether health officials are running a scheduled vaccination program or an urgent pandemic response campaign, they can make better decisions if they know when and where each injection occurs. With an optional RFID/NFC tag under the label on each BFS prefilled syringe, ApiJect will make this possible. Before giving an injection, the healthcare worker will be able to launch a free mobile app and “tap” the NFC tag on the prefilled syringe label to their phone. The app will capture the tag’s unique dose-level, serial number, GPS location, and date/time, then upload the data to a government database. Aggregated injection data provides health administrators an evolving real-time “injection map.”

In my opinion, which I also share with medical professionals and scientists who are working to end disease, all of the above are very good things – especially when dealing with getting life saving drugs and vaccinations out to over 7 billion people during a global pandemic such as COVID-19.

An introduction to RAPID.

History repeating itself

Interestingly enough, all the evidence-lacking, fear-based, hype around RFID “microchip” technology reminds me of a time not that long ago when small numbers of people thought the new data identification technology we know as barcodes were somehow an intrusive surveillance technology, a violation of privacy, and/or the “stamp of the Antichrist” or the “number or mark of the beast” or “as Television host Phil Donahue described barcodes: a “corporate plot against consumers.”

In reality, barcodes, and now RFID systems are just new ways to streamline a technology-based society with an ever-growing population of humans, machines, foods, goods, services, diseases, and medicines.

Sadly, like microwave ovens , barcodes, telephones, televisions, radios, automobiles, seat belts, and airbags before them, when it comes to RFID devices we are going through yet another similar wave of distrust in science and misplaced fears spread by modern-day Luddites and technophobes that, without looking at any concrete evidence to the contrary, are choosing to fear almost anything new as dangerous and not to be trusted.

Fear and mistrust of “the other” is locked deep within our genetic memory banks

This distrust and fear of unknown things may be evolutionary in origin. The ancient fight or flight response hidden deep within our genes and deeply seated within our “reptilian brains” often serves to have us fear the unknown as a built-in self-protection device.

Far in the ancient past, our early human ancestors were frequently faced with the unknown in the form of dangerous creatures lurking in the jungle, the tall grass, the waters, or even in the face of a person from another tribe who incidentally, was facing the same threats as your ancestor.

The nature of these threats was often dangerous and harmful to these naked early humans such as; venomous animals whose bites stings would sicken or kill you, “other” peoples from outside your troop, clan, or tribe that, during times of hardship and loss, might see their best and only chance of survival being to drive you off or kill you for access to your hunting and foraging grounds, your choice cave, or even your mate.

Then there was the other great outside danger to our early survival: hungry predators – so many predatory animals such as lions, tigers, bears (Oh, MY!), leopards, and crocodiles had no issue about eating you and your entire family for lunch – you were easy prey lacking no big teeth, sharp claws, or natural body armor – our early ancestors were often just a quick and easy meal.

These genetically rooted tribal tendencies may have served to protect us from harm in the distant past, but today, in our high technology, science modified and dependant world, we have very little to fear other than ourselves – and obviously, fear itself.

With all our technological advancements – our high technology survival tools – and all our amassed knowledge, shouldn’t we now be able to put logic and reason above our ancient evolutionarily anchored protection systems that do not fit well into the technological evolution of our species? For some, this is easy, for others it is very difficult. Therefore, it seems we continue to have many humans who are choosing to let themselves be ruled, driven, and guided by irrational fears of the unknown…and the new.

“Bad” events need a villian

Outside of our genetic predisposition to fear new and “different” things, it often seems that when disruptive and unfortunate – what some may call “bad” things – happen, it is part of our human nature to try to find the causal element and then, pin the “bad” circumstances and our misfortunes on this bad guy, this villain – someone to blame. Sometimes the evidence reveals a legitimate villain such as a burglar, a murderer, a corrupt politician, or in extreme situations, such as the horrible events in Nazi Germany during WW2 with Adolf Hitler – who, in my opinion, was the perfect example of a real-life supervillain.

However, with the virion known as SARS CoV2 – the virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19/coronavirus – there is no villain, no single person upon which to rest the blame. This disease is caused by a microscopic infectious agent which is almost impossible to see and deal with unless you have advanced technology – which the majority of people do not have or have access to. The fact that we are unable to identify the villain and give it a human form and human name and then pin the blame upon it – this must really bother some people.

Natural and Historical Ponderings

We humans seem to have a great need to attach blame for terrible calamities and malicious or random natural happenings to someone else because it takes the blame off of ourselves which, as we well know, are often the cause of most, if not all of our problems. In ancient times past, if we could not find the actual perpetrator of a bad deed, drought, flood, storm, fire, volcano, earthquake, or a deadly pestilence, etc., we humans would place blame upon whichever reclusive and/or visibly different animal, human or supernatural deity we had invented and labeled as “bad” or “evil” in our mythology.

Random internet photo.

Despite the fact that many animals help us just by simply living their lives, many species of animals including reptiles, amphibians, birds, arachnids, and some mammals have been vilified, targeted, harassed, and killed by peoples from many different cultures around the globe for the simple fact their species is either visibly very different than our species or, they possess venoms and toxins that may harm or kill us. For example and culturally depending: snakes, lizards, spiders, bats, vultures, sharks, predators of almost any kind, etc. – these are just a few animals that are vilified, targeted, and killed simply due to their outward appearance, feeding, and living habits.

Similarly, many brilliant and hermitlike men who postulated ideas such as; the earth was not the center of the universe and the possibility of the existence of other suns like our own and other worlds orbiting those suns with life upon them – these great thinkers were labeled heretics, held in house arrest, like Galileo Galilei, and like Giordano Bruno who was laughed at, imprisoned, tortured, driven out of town, and later murdered in cold blood by the “thought police” and the establishment – just because they had ideas different than everyone else and wanted to share those ideas.

Likewise, tens of thousands of innocent women and men in Europe and the young USA were labeled witches and tortured, imprisoned, and even publicly drowned, beheaded, strangled, burned at the stake, and even crushed to death.


Many young virgins/children/livestock (and even material things and money) were sacrificed under the knife, tossed into volcanoes, and/or thrown into cenotes, etc. in the hopes of a bountiful harvest or hunt – and all the while many the fatted boar, antlered stag, feathered pheasant, and floundering fish accompanied by tankards of ale, flagons of mead, and jewel-encrusted chalices of sacred wine and other fermented beverages were quaffed by those doing the sacrificing. All this to satiate early people’s desires to locate, target, and remove the “villain” who was the single causal element, the epicenter of all their fear, pain, suffering, drought, fire, pestilence, hunger, and loss.

When no human villain(s) – with supporting or manufactured evidence – could be found on which to lay the blame, countless mythological supernatural malignant gods, demons, devils, and other entities – with all manner of origin stories, dangerous, and destructive powers – were dreamed up by ancient people to serve as scapegoats for all of their losses, blames, fears, pains, and random misfortunes.

As an answer and antidote to the “evil” gods, devils, demons, etc. – ancient humans dreamed up omnipotent “fixer” gods to counter the bad with the good. These “good” gods came complete with their own accompanying origin stories, life adventures and exploits, and even superpowers to give early peoples education, direction, meaning, and to help keep them out of trouble. The reality is simply that our troubles – then and now – are brought upon us not by good or evil or gods, demons, or devils, but by the unpredictability of nature and our own Human nature which contains many millions of years of animalistic tendencies, desires, uncertainty, doubts, and built-in evolutionary fears. But try telling all that to the people of the past – and many people of today. They would simply not understand the logic.

Zeus – source: internet.

The truly strange thing is this: the only way many of these good gods would protect, guide, and deliver us from “evil” is if we followed their commands, walked a straight and narrow line, and constantly paid homage to them with prayers, offerings (taxes), and so on. Very strange indeed.

Source: Internet

This pandemic is no different than problems faced by our ancestors in the ancient past in that there is no one person, no god, devil, or villain to blame for the problems we now find ourselves deep within. Therefore, it seems that for all these reasons and more, many people seem to be searching for someone, anyone, to pin the blame upon, and maybe this is why some have opted to target people such as Bill Gates.

The fact is that the blame for the Covid-19 global pandemic does not lie in Bill Gates or in any one individual. In reality, the blame lies in all of us. Our mistreatment and destruction of nature in the name of profit, food water, energy, resource acquisition, traditional “medicine” practices with traditional Chinese “medicine” and African “medicine” being good examples, and the ever-growing expansion and encroachment of our own species into the wilderness have caused a spillover of zoonotic diseases from wild animals into our species. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, SARS, MERS, EBOLA aka now SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19/Coronavirus originated in animals, mutated, then jumped to humans.

Sadly, this moment in time was inevitable due to our ever-growing population’s need for resources and our exponentially increasing destruction of wildlife and nature.

Many thinkers saw this moment on the horizon including David Quammen when he wrote the book Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic and Bill Gates when he gave this Ted Talk several years ago. Sadly, David and Bill’s thoughtful reasoned, and accurate analysis of this situation is totally accurate, but it has in a way backfires on them by giving the conspiracy-minded even more fuel for their fiction-fed fires. This is unfortunate because in reality, Bill Gates may be one of the people whose actions help our species find a cure and/or treatment for SARS CoV2 and I fear that if that is the case, many of those who erroneously fear Bill Gates and vaccines will opt to not receive the vaccine/treatment and therefore they may suffer the horrible consequences brought upon themselves, and upon our species by this terrible virus.

Religiously Linked Postulations

Along with our genetically driven fears of new things, small numbers of people have chosen to throw into the mix all sorts of misinterpretations and evidence-lacking speculative reasonings focused around ancient religious texts such as the passage I have outlined below from the Christian bible. It appears this passage may have been interpreted by some to be speaking of RFID “microchips” Quantum Dots, vaccines, and so on. A good example of this is from this article in Saved Magazine from which I pulled the below quote:

“While we cannot predict “the day or the hour” when you put all these components together, it’s starting to look a lot like the beginnings of the end. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Revelation 13:16-17).

The specific wording of the above passage comes from the 21st Century King James Version of the bible. Source:

I found several earlier versions of the bible with slightly different wording of this verse as seen below:

From the NIV: 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” Source:

From one of the oldest versions of the bible I could find – the Codex Sinaiticus.

16 And he causes all, small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark on their right hand, or on their forehead,

17 and that no one should be able to buy or sell, but he that had the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Source:

I find it most interesting that only the most recent version of the Bible – the 21st Century King James version – has wording that seems to suggest the exact placement of this mark as follows:

“…in their right hand, or in their foreheads…”

Of the several other versions I surveyed on – and I did not survey all of them – all of those I surveyed stated:

“…a mark on their right hand, or on their forehead…”


Speculation: Could it be possible that whoever edited the 21st Century King James version may have, for some bizarre reason, chosen to take some liberties with its wording – possibly to fit their own modern-day interpretations of the original wording? If so, why would the editors change the wording of a revered ancient text? What would be their motives for doing this?

Again, I have an opinion as to the why of this matter – but as I am not religious, I am not a religious scholar, and I do not have any evidence to support my claim – I will keep my thoughts to myself and let you hypothesize that one for yourself.

Just to be clear – edits to religious texts are nothing new. Below is a short video from Business Insider outlining some of the known edits to the Christian bible over the last two millennia.

This link to the Business Insider article connected to the above video outlines in more detail many of the changes to the bible over the last two millennia and most importantly – cites the sources of their information for both the article and the above video.

More on the topic of changes within the bible can be found at this link:

From the research I did for this part of this story I have gathered that the evidence seems to suggest the following: the ancient words of the bible and other religious texts may have at first been stories passed down by word of mouth – since most people during that time were illiterate. These stories were then later written down and then copied, modified, amended, and adjusted by later peoples in places of power and influence to fit their specific needs, desires, and politics of the day. So in reality, it is hard to know exactly what message the ancient agrarian peoples who penned these educational texts were really trying to impart.

That being said, and in my own opinion – it seems likely the bible, and possibly many other religious texts, may have been the everyday textbooks of the ancients. They may have been written as an educational “heroes journey” stories about how to live in and keep order in the environment, society, and culture of the times in which they were written. They may have been meant to be educational metaphors, teaching, and comfort tools that fit the needs of the peoples doing the writing. If this is the case – then these amazing historical works are just not applicable as primary textbooks for life in the world of today which include; huge cities full of diverse ethnicities, knowledge of our intricate connections to all living things via our DNA, faster than sound world and space travel, modern medicine, science, complex education systems, international travel and cooperation, modern computers/technology, robots, artificial intelligence, ice cream, anime, heavy metal, hot rods, hot dogs, helicopters, bikinis, bell bottoms, and comic books – in other words: society as we know it but not as they knew it.

In my opinion, taking the bible and other ancient religious texts literally, in today’s technology-driven and dependant world, is probably not at all what the authors of these stories had in mind and therefore probably not a very good idea.

There is no way these early peoples could have had any foreknowledge of anything existing in our technology-saturated world, so there is no reason why people of today should try to find any hidden connections, meanings, or revelations, in anything happening today – from texts that were written several thousand years ago by middle eastern agrarian farmers and shepherds.

To do so would be akin to believing in magic.

Please do not get me wrong here, I am not attacking any religions. I would never do that. Everyone should have the freedom to choose what religion, gods, or deities, or lack thereof, to follow or to not follow. Religion, if used appropriately, comforts, and helps people cope with the realities of life and death, and it can offer helpful organizations and assistance to individuals in great need.

However, just like any tool or any drug – religions may become dangerous when used inappropriately. When religion or religious practices stop helping and start to cause addiction to the cause, physical or emotional pain and suffering, and even death – either by direct action or by indirect consequences – then I believe that specific religion/practice has outlived its usefulness and should go extinct. Similarly, when people see religion as only a business opportunity – that opens up an entirely new can of infectious little germ-covered worms.

This unethical practice seems to be rather common on the lunatic fringe where we find people like Jim Bakker and his Jim Bakker Show and store, Alex Jones with his Infowars and Store, and the website Now The End Begins that have taken it even further by trying to connect all kinds of way out fringe-focused conspiratorial ideas connecting misinterpreted passages from the bible to Bill Gates and other prominent people, 5G, RFID, vaccinations, COVID-19, BLM, democrats, republicans, liberals, NWO, CERN, aliens, ancient Egypt, etc. Throughout all their rhetoric, these hucksters are almost always asking for donations to support the spreading of their bizarre ideas and they almost always have storefronts where they hawk their “snake-oil medicine” products and “cures.”

I have no issues with people following their chosen politics, religions, or lack thereof.

I have no issue with people trying to make a living.

But what I do have a huge issue with is people who play on the fear and uncertainty of others by using religion for profit and as a way to instigate and spread fear of facts, reality, science, and modern-day technology and medicines that have saved countless lives and have the potential to save millions or even billions more – by attempting to connect it to their own misinterpretation of ancient educational texts written by agrarian farmers and shepherds with absolutely no possible knowledge of today’s world.

Opinion: The proprietors and authors of these self-righteous websites, books, videos, and products are nothing more than snake-oil selling charlatans who are doing much more harm than good all while waving their books, bibles, and fists in the air spouting harmful half-truths and conspiracy theories while selling health and life “protection” products that have zero and/or manufactured evidence to support their lunatic fringe claims.

These crooks do not care about you.

They just want your money.

My advice to anyone reading this is to ignore all the lunatic fringe fear-focused conspiracy theory spouting madness. Follow the science and the peer-reviewed evidence wherever it leads, and critically question everything.

As Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said:

In conclusion

Current technology, evidence, my own experience in the field of veterinary medicine, extensive experience with wildlife conservation/research using radio-telemetry (tracking) technologies and techniques, and a huge shot of critical thinking skills, science knowledge, and good old home-grown common sense – have all come together to tell me this: there is a physical and functional limit to the size and functionality of RFID implants, Quantum Dot tattoos, tracking devices, batteries, and GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth technologies. Therefore, it is just not possible that Bill Gates or anyone else has or is planning to inject/insert/install or implant microscopic devices into our bodies using vaccines or any other nefarious means for the purpose of tracking our movements, controlling our minds, or allowing us to buy and sell goods and services.

Even if Mr. Gates or anyone else did secretly have the technology to make RFID/radio/GPS/cellular/WiFi/Bluetooth transmitter, battery, and antenna technology microscopic and then roll it into a tracking device small enough to pass through a vaccine sized (or any other) hypodermic needle/applicator device and then inject it into my or into your body hidden within a dose of a “vaccine” or any other injection of antibiotics, medicines, fluids* – what purpose would that really serve?

*Oh no OH NO!!…maybe they are in cahoots with the doctors and dentists and they are implanting things into you while you are under anesthesia for surgeries or dental work…or maybe it is location tracking nanobots in the vitamins you have been taking since you were a child…or maybe it is all being orchestrated by the reptilian aliens who live in the hollow…or wait, was it a flat earth …or maybe it is flat AND hollow at the same time???!!!…

Just WTFE!!…what the frack ever.

In all seriousness folks, what real and functional purpose would it serve to have yet another way to track you or me and why would “they” do it in secret when “they” are already openly and with our consent tracking us through our smart devices, personal computers, via mobile device tracking such as following cellular telephone pings/sensor data. What about the ability to track our purchases and therefore the restaurants/businesses/locations we frequent, oh, and let us not forget our internet browsing activity. Why on earth would “they” need yet another way to track us and to what end?  As I have said before and I will say it again: 

Outside the obvious goal of profit – what other functional purpose would that serve?

I can see and hear “them” now, clustered together, hunched over their quantum-gigabrain-magma-powered supercomputers in their secret volcano-cave lair sequestered away on some remote unnamed south-Pacific tropical island;

” Oh, look, guys, Steve is at work. Now he is at home. Now he is at work. Now he is at home. Now he is at the store – and the barcode scanner reports he just bought vegan ice cream – oh my! Now he is at a friend’s house, sitting around a campfire with friends. Now he is at the store again – look, he bought some BEER – mmm and it’s chocolate porter! Now he is at the bank – he just deposited $200 – Mr. Moneybags! Now he is walking in the forest. Now he is back at work and he is 20 min. early today. Now he is at home watching TV. Now, finally, he is sleeping…listen, everyone: get ready to initiate the mega-micro-mind-control chip so we can use Steve to take over the world!!! Mwuhahahahahahahha!!!”

Sign Me Up

In, my opinion: if “they” – be they Bill Gates, Bill Nye, Dr. No, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Moreau, or Dr. Evil – really want to go to all the unbelievably complex, technologically impossible, and monumentally expensive trouble to design, manufacture, and implement a microscopic tracking device small enough to be injected via a vaccine needle AND with a battery/power source small enough, yet somehow energy-dense enough, to last more than three weeks, AND with an antenna small enough and undetectable enough to pass through a “vaccine-sized” needle – yet be functional enough to allow it to generate some scientifically usable location data at a distance…then so be it. If they can do all these things then I would love to see this amazing piece of cutting edge technology in the flesh…or in MY flesh!

That’s right, if this technology was or ever does become a reality, I would gladly and voluntarily sign up to be one of their test subjects for this amazing new location tracking technology that would revolutionize the science of micro-scale tracking devices ushering in a new era of tracking technology awesome that would revolutionize the field of wildlife telemetry tracking, species conservation, and study, and well – everything and anything one could dream up to track – including humans – so bring it on.

Honestly, I just do not care if “they” know where I am.

“They” already do.

As I have stated before “they” have been tracking us for years through our computers, phones, and purchases – why would “they” need another way to track us and even so…

I just do not care.

If “they” want to waste their time coming up with ways to track me, so be it. I have far more important things to worry about today – like ice cream.

From my point of view, I am just another one of the 7.5 billion humans on this third rock from the sun and I am in no way important or strategic enough for anyone in high places to want or need to waste any time designing microscopic tracking devices to follow me around my mundane, uneventful little life. And I hate to break it to you but most of you out there reading this are most likely just like me – we are not in any way strategic or worthy enough to warrant a microscopic vaccine-injected tracking device (if there ever was, is, or ever will be, such a thing).

Oh, now I hear you saying it “Your freedoms have been violated, man! – Fight for your rights and your god* given freedoms!” (I do not capitalize god because there are thousands of recognized gods. Out of respect for all other religions and cultures – I choose not to capitalize.)

To that I say – really, you are going there as well?

This has nothing to do with your or my perceived freedoms and everything to do with a highly virulent viral organism that just does not care about me, you, Bill Gates, or anyone. All it wants to do is use your body as an incubator – a viral factory to make many more of its kind with its “goal” being to infect and infest as many people as possible to make even more of its own kind. To what end, I have no idea and I will not speculate. Viruses are a part of nature and nature does not have a purpose or an agenda – it just is. Nature will go on with or without us. If you want to be a part of nature then you will need to start putting your beliefs, ideologies, and desires aside and start listening to the science that is telling us to follow the evidence wherever it leads and then make our life choices based on that evidence and that reality.

Source: NASA


You and I are part of nature.

We receive all of our life necessities from nature – food, water, air, shelter, space. 

Yet, nature does not care one bit about you, me – anyone.

It is a well-known scientific fact that parasites and predators want to feed upon your body – no matter who you are and be you alive or be you dead. Viruses and other harmful microorganisms want only to use your flesh as an incubator for their multitudinous offspring – all without asking your consent. These creatures and organisms are not “bad” or “evil” they just exist as parts of nature and they are proof that nature does not “care” about any of us and that we are just another animal, another cog in the wheel, another strand in the web of life – we are bound together with, interconnected to, and a lifelong part of nature. You cannot change this fact no matter how hard you try, wish, pray, pontificate, or profess.

Nature does not need us.

We need nature.

This is why it is up to you and you alone to care for yourself, for your loved ones, and for all the other human beings you share this planet and this thing called life with.

Furthermore, it is not like the MIB’s and friends abducted me while I was sleeping, strapped me to a cold metal operating table, lasered me open, shoved a futuristic nanotech tracking “implant” (taken from the aliens preserved at Area 51 – LOL) under my liver, sewed me up, plopped me back in my bed, then flashed me with a neuralizer – that one was last year (ROTFLOL).

Will Smith as “J” in the movie Men in Black

…again, I and most likely you, are just not worth “their” time whomever “they” are – MIB’s, Bill Gates, extraterrestrial lizard people, Lectroids from planet 10, or anyone else.

Red Lectroids from Planet 10. Source:

Feel free to believe all the pseudo-scientific, anti-scientific, and outright nonsense around this topic if you wish, but if you do choose that route, then I fear you have had too much downtime during this pandemic and may have been reading and believing way too many conspiracy-focused blogs, podcasts, and posts on social media and watching way too many negatively focused fear-mongering TV programs, movies, and YouTube videos.

It is your choice

It is your choice to not trust science, your choice to not get yourself or your children vaccinated, your choice to destroy 5G infrastructure, it is your choice to wear tinfoil hats, it is your choice to put your trust and belief behind the mouth-breathing snake oil salesman, charlatans, and drama, hate, and fear-mongering doomsday predicting soothsayers.

Your choices of what to believe and what stories to share may, in fact, feed all your conspiracy theories – but if these choices are not sound, reasoned choices based in evidence and reality, then these evidence-lacking choices may very well endanger the health and lives of you, your loved ones, your friends as well as your social and personal connections.

Please, make your choices wisely.

Oh no, I hear you saying it, and you really went there: “Aren’t you worried about getting autism from the chemicals in the vaccines!?!”

Again, just no.

Everything is made of chemicals and toxicity comes from the level of concentration. Water is toxic if you ingest too much.

I once mistrusted vaccinations. Why – because I listened to those who were fearful, those who chose to not trust the evidence. I finally decided to stop living my life in fear and do my own research. I looked at all the reports from the fearful factions and from the peer-reviewed science. I gave both “sides” a chance to explain the “why” of their positions, I followed the evidence and the evidence fell in the favor of science. This evidence did not need propping up by anything other than the data and the facts. This evidence was not attempting to “convert” me over to its side as all the conspiracy theorists seemed to be doing with all manner of first-hand stories, accounts, videos, movies, “documentaries” podcast interviews, memes, etc. The evidence for the power of vaccinations stood alone and rock solid. This is why I choose the “side” of science and this is why I always will.

The facts and the evidence support the following: the only thing vaccines “give” those that choose to receive them – is immunity to nasty diseases such as Polio, Rabies, Smallpox, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Zoster(Shingles), Influenza, and many others…and soon COVID-19…oh and gray hair (you get to live a long life free of disease.)

However, since vaccines – like all medicines – are designed to work with the majority of humans, and since all human beings are not all exactly the same – therefore, we all react differently to medications – including vaccines. Just like there are some people who exhibit sensitivities, allergies, and side effects to certain pain killers/NSAIDs, antibiotics, cold/allergy medicines, etc. – There are also some people that may exhibit vaccine side effects and vaccine sensitivity issues. Others may have pre-existing conditions that could possibly cause rare and possibly dangerous reactions, problems, and syndromes if they receive vaccines and/or other medications. If this is your case then please consult with your doctor and other immunology experts on the direction you should go to protect yourself from the higher chances of infection you might face due to your sensitivity and/or incompatibility with vaccines.

In the future, the personalized medicine approach will custom-fit medicine and treatments to each individual’s genome, and then, hopefully, medications and vaccines will be customized for each individual’s specific needs thereby limiting any sensitivity issues, reactions, or dangerous syndromes.

For now, however, and for the majority of people, vaccines are safe and the small chance of having a few side effects when compared to having a life-threatening/life-altering disease is by far the better choice. Like any medical treatment, vaccines are not perfect, but they are most often the most appropriate choice to protect you and your loved ones from the harm caused by the microscopic organisms out to use your body as an incubator for more of their kind.

Oh, and just so we are clear on this topic: vaccines do not contain nefarious microscopic tracking devices.

We need to collectively stop looking everywhere for fear focused, manufactured “conspiracy theories” surrounding COVID-19 (and so many other things) and try to focus more on facts, evidence, logic, reason, and reality.

If your doctor and lifestyle suggest vaccinations are the best and safest option for you and your family – then please, do the right thing and get vaccinated for whatever nasty bugs are the greatest danger in your part of the world.

Knowledge conquers fear.

Don’t be a statistic.

Be part of the solution.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.