The Matrix

Who out there with an ounce of grey matter would actually decide to change who they vote for/support because they saw a name/slogan on a sign on the side of the road, on a bumper sticker, on a flag or banner, watched a mudslinging TV spot/interview attempting to harm a challenger, believed someone else’s gossip or manufactured drama, or put on an article of clothing with their insignia/motto stamped upon it?

Who with an ounce of grey matter would actually give their own money to these people so they can litter the planet with even more of their propaganda?  The majority of these people have far more money than any of us will ever be able to even imagine and yet, somehow, they have conned good people to give them even more money.  The insanity of it all boggles the brain.   

I see all this me me madness as a pathetic and wasteful attempt to prop up all these insecure humans in perceived high places who seem to have a great need for attention, for competition – it is a truly weak attempt to satisfy a pathological need, an unhealthy all-consuming lust to win – at any cost.

What is this bizarre preoccupation some humans have to win, to be in control, to feel powerful, to be important, to be worshipped?  I believe it is an evolutionary hold over from our – eat or be eaten us vs. them tribal days.

It is an illusion. 

It is not working for us any longer.

It is time to stop the madness.

It is time to evolve out of the vestigial evolutionary tools of the past that have become dangerous delusions of the present that now work to control our minds.

It is time to grow up out of our tribal us vs. them childish evolutionary mindset.

If all these flag, banner and sign waving politicians and pontiffs would just stop trying to prop themselves and their followers up with hollow promises and just stop and think for a moment and use the brain they often boast that they have – maybe they would then realize how much time, energy, and money they have spent on all the ridiculous boasts, lies, signs, flags, banners, ads, commercials, and other single-use litter that serves no real purpose. 

What if they actually decided to stop the endless competition, put their heads, hearts, knowledge, maths, and monies together, and started to work together to solve the big problems we have as a species?

What kind of amazing things could be accomplished if we could only stop competing with each other and start working together?

Sadly it seems that many of us are stuck fast in a deep rut.  We are taught from an early age that we must compete with “the other” to get anywhere in life.  We are taught that our side is “good” and the other side is “bad” and we are fed this illusion from all “sides” – at home with controlling parents, at school with grades, bullies, and competitive sports, at work with bosses and subordinates and climbing ladders, in religion with fathers, kings, gods and devils, good and evil, in politics and the military with the us vs. them mentality – until we are programed and conditioned to believe it is all true.  We then blindly distrust those from the other “side” or the “middle” who show us any evidence to the contrary, we blindly ignore their facts, we choose to ignore common sense, we quickly toss out the science, we stop trusting and loving friends and family who do not fit into or follow our limited world view, we put our politics and religion above observable facts, love, and humanity – this is when we have become nothing more than mindless automatons controlled by the matrix that we ourselves created.

It is time to destroy the matrix.

It is time to wake up out of the bizarre mindset that politics and religion are the only way to exist as human animals.

There is more to life than this madness.

John Lennon famously asked us to Imagine.

Now is the time to Imagine what we could become if we could only step out of this destructive toxic box we have locked ourselves within.

Step out of the box.

Shed your scarred old skin.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Knowledge conquers fear.

Do only good things.


One Love.


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