The Sandbox

It seems that the majority of humans in power today are about as evolved as little children fighting over toys in a sandbox, driven only by emotion, fear, hormones, and greed, unable to see how childish and dangerous their thoughtless actions are to themselves, their futures, and to their tiny, fragile home – a water-soaked pale blue dot of rock orbiting a rather unremarkable star located in a remote outskirt of a vast and wonderful universe.

Driven by their primal urges the infantile children continue to fight each other – endlessly dealing out insults and eye for an eye punches over the finite resources and imaginary lines drawn on the maps they have made and wave in the air above their tiny sandbox.

Often, for whatever the reasons, they choose to unquestionably and blindly follow the dictates of xenophobic fear and hate-driven separatist policies penned by their long-dead heroes who rightly chose to attempt to remove themselves from all-powerful bullies who themselves, in desperation to be in the control of others and be above nature, dreamed up and revised even more ancient doctrines whose erroneous teachings continued to program the sheeple into believing their oh so short finite existence was to be followed without question and: “my way is the only way,” the earth is the center of the universe and was gifted to us to dominate, consume, and destroy because nature was somehow unclean, imperfect, and savage…simply because the writings of the high kings and obscure ancient soothsayers and snake oil salesmen say it was so and still take precedent over the impartial, observational, fact-based, tested and retested, findings of modern-day free spirits, critical thinkers, scientists, ecologists, and naturalists. Those early heroes sought to remove themselves from the control of their forefathers – but many of them failed and continue to do as they always did never learning anything from their past mistakes. Still questing for stuff and still endlessly bashing each other over the heads with their fists, and highly modified sticks and rocks.

All the while their fragile sandbox and all of its inhabitants suffer from their never-ending me first self-harming greedy assault.

I hope someday we thinking apes can somehow find the logic to grow up out of our childhood, think outside the sandbox, and protect our fragile oasis of life, this shining eden-like planet called earth…before it is too late and we wake up one day only to discover that we have blindly destroyed our home and our futures in favor of turning everything into ephemeral money and plastic just so we can live in a mythical eternal paradise after all our short lives have ended and there is nothing left but sand in the box.


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